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Functionality of app submission

Hello! I have a question regarding the required functionality of the app submitted for the challenge.

We're developing a mobile app (Android and hopefully iOS) that will integrate Context.IO with our campus student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS). When emails are generated by our LMS, Context.IO will do its magic and present information to the student via the app. So, to truly be functional, the user has to also have an account with our LMS and applicable course data from our SIS.

For the submission, we can recreate the final output of the data displayed, but we won't be able to demonstrate the functionality in real-time if a judge would login into the app. The judges will not be able to experience the entire process, but rather just the final result of how we are integrating Context.IO with the LMS and SIS.

Our video will show a little bit of this, but I wanted to make sure this approach is acceptable in terms of an entry for the challenge.


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  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Hey Kyle,

    Thanks for your question. Per the rules: The Maker must make the Application available free of charge and without any restriction, for testing, evaluation and use by the Poster, Administrator and judges during the Challenge and until the Judging Period ends.

    Understanding that testing your application is dependent having accounts at an educational institution the best scenario would be to set up dummy accounts (providing the credentials via the private "Testing Instructions" field) and allow us to view the app in this way.

    If this is not possible, please be sure to fully demo the process in your video and note the testing issue in your submission. The Devpost team can work with you to test your application virtually, but to be eligible we will need to see it working in real-time.

    Thanks and if you have more questions please feel free to email support@devpost.com.

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