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How can the app be tested by the judges

Hi Organizers, please correct me if am wrong.

How will the app be tested by the judges. We are working as a group.
When we registered our email with contextio. we were given a developer
1.) a key
2.) a secret

This 2 parameters were implemented throughout our app and we are able to do amazing things with the registered email.

Now Contextio wants to test the app practically because we derive pride in what we do.
question no 1
1. Do contextio has to use their own developers email, key and secret codes to test the app since the already registered email belongs to us.

2. If yes, do we have to make a dynamic call to allow the Judges to enter their own email address, keys and secret codes within the app.

3. what are the means for them to access the app as my brain is just wandering

4. what do you have to say about auth and token connection. what are its necessity in the apps implementations



  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi chinelo okolo,

    Thanks for your question. Per the rules, you must provide access to your app for testing. We do not have accounts set up to test with by default, so you can either:

    1) Provide your email and other details for us to use, or
    2) Set up a test account and provide all necessary credentials to that account in the "Testing Instructions" field. (This is preferred.)

    How we will access your app is up to you. You'll need to provide instructions on the best way for us to access. For reference, we've listed out the most logical methods here: http://contextio.devpost.com/details/testing

    I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have further questions.

  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Your API key and secret can be used to add any number of separate email accounts to your app. The easiest way is with our connect tokens. You can use them to build a sign-up flow that allows anyone to link up their own, individual email account. If you ran out of time, and don't have enough time to build that sign-up flow, then you'll have to provide credentials for us to test, as Serena said.

    You can read up on how to add users to your app in this blog post: http://blog.context.io/2015/07/adding-a-user-with-context-io/

    Cheers and happy hacking - can't wait to see what you build!

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    There is no time at all. This what am planning to do on how to access the app for now
    Since the Developer Email address belongs to me, if I provide contextio with my own credential, how will they no what is going on within their mail, how can they get alert and other things when mail is sent to them

    App Access to Contextio:
    Now I will create a form for contextio inside the App, When the contextio logins into the app,

    Step 1:
    They will go to settings and Enter

    a.) Their own Developers Email for testing
    b.) Enter the API Key
    c.) Enter API secret

    They will need to set up a webhook just like I did
    a.) Set include_body to 1
    b.) Callback_url. (I will provide a callback Url link to contextio)

    Then the App is good to go......

    Is this okay by Contextio


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    Hello I want to know if the step elaborated above is ok for contextio Judges


  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    I don't think the judges will sign up for an API key, and create a webhook in order to make your app work. However, it's easy to add new users and build a sign-up for your app with Context.IO's connect tokens.

    With connect tokens, users can provide their own email account and use your app. Here's a link to our documentation on connect tokens: https://context.io/docs/2.0/connect_tokens

    You can also check out our blog post on how to add users: http://blog.context.io/2015/07/adding-a-user-with-context-io/

    I know that time is running out - but you should be able to build a sign-up for new users over the weekend.

    If you are unable to, then I would recommend simply giving DevPost and the judges access to your app with an email account that's already linked up, with a webhook already configured. We certainly don't want to see any of your private email data, so I would encourage you to sign up for a brand new email account for testing purposes, hook that up to your app, and let us use that.

    Cheers and good luck!

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