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Consumer vs business applications

One of the issues we had when building our submission was that it was much harder to build a consumer app than a business application. We did our best to get around the problem by submitting 2 applications in one: a Drupal module and an example app targeted at end users/consumers.

Looking through the submissions however, I see that a lot of other people have applications that are not really targeted at consumers. How are you planning on dealing with that when judging the submissions?

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  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Hi Kristof,

    Thanks for your question and for submitting to the competition. Please note that there is no requirement about what type of application you build with Context.IO (either consumer-facing app or business oriented).

    All submissions will be judged using the same criteria - which are listed below and are relevant for both types of applications:

    1. Quality of Idea (Is the idea creative and original?)
    2. Implementation of Idea (Was the idea well executed by the developer? Does the application use multiple endpoints that the Context.IO API provides?
    3. Potential Impact (Does the application solve a specific problem or paint point for its users?)
    4. Market Readiness (Is the application market ready? Is it available in a public, online store? Has the application been localized for international markets?)

    I hope this helps!

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