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over 7 years ago

Virtual office hours: Online Q&As with Tony Blank every week in August!

Hey there! With a little over a month remaining in the hackathon, we thought you might want to check in on your app ideas, projects-in-progress, or technical questions about the Context.IO API. So we’ve set up virtual office hours with Tony Blank, Context.IO’s senior developer evangelist. Tony will be hosting online Q&A sessions once a week throughout August, and he is super psyched to learn about what you’re working on. (Seriously, he is. We’ve met him, and he gets really excited talking about all the things email data can do.)

You can find Tony online during these four Google Hangouts:

If you don’t have a project draft ready to show, don’t worry. Tony will also be happy to answer any technical questions, give feedback on app ideas, and help you brainstorm about creative ways to integrate the API.

We hope to see you online! If you have other questions in the meantime, look us up at