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over 8 years ago

Reminder: Virtual office hours Tues 8/11

Just a quick reminder that Context.IO's senior developer evangelist, Tony Blank, will be hanging out online tomorrow to answer your questions, give feedback on your app ideas, and generally shoot the breeze and talk shop. You can find him in this Google Hangout starting at 5pm ET

We got some awesome questions last week--here are a few of the things Tony talked about:

  • Our users will sign up using Office365/Outlook accounts. Some will have forwarding set on that account to pass it off to Gmail or other providers. Will Context.IO still intercept those 365 messages? Or will the forwarding interrupt the flow?
  • Emails are something private and people need security assurance if an app handles it. What is recommended way to do this or does Context.IO has any recommendations? Any specific text? Do we need to show any Context.IO privacy policy?
  • Is there any interface with Google Cloud Messaging? Especially while working with WebHooks?
  • Can you guide me on 3 legged authentication? I am trying to build an Android application, where user will be creating accounts to connect to Context.IO.

Feel free to revisit these topics or bring new questions. We'll see you tomorrow!

As always, if you've got a question that just can't wait, hit us up at, or head over to the discussion forum