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over 7 years ago

Virtual office hours reminder: Pick Tony's brain on 8/18

The third episode of virtual office hours w/ Context.IO's senior developer evangelist, Tony Blank, happens tomorrow at 12pm ET. Last week’s Q&A featured a surprise virtual tour of Tony’s swag hotel room, replete w/ Jacuzzi; he was in Wisconsin to speak at That Conference.

"Hot tubs for geeks" aside, we got some great questions last week — here are a few of the things Tony talked about:

  • What hoops must I jump through to get emails sent from my app to be accepted on the whitelist of acceptable receipts?
  • On the topic of privacy, what's the best way for us to accept users such that we don't see user data? It seems that with the connect tokens the email gets added to my account and I can see all the data — is there a way to process the data without seeing it?
  • What's the most common issue devs run into that you've seen?

Feel free to ask specific technical questions about using the Context.IO API, or general questions about the hackathon (prizes, submission requirements, etc.). It’s all fair game! Just go to the Google Hangout to participate.

BTW, one of our judges, Brad Feld, wrote a nifty blog post last week about the hackathon. He’s pumped to see what you’re building!

As always, if you've got a pressing question, hit us up at, or head over to the discussion forum.